Circuit Demon, LLC.

Acrylic LEDs

You won't find much else out there like these, our hand made acrylic LED plates.

After a raw cut of the material, we do a 6-step sanding and polish process to get a glass-like transparency. After that we mount LED's of your choice and watch them illuminate. Typically we use Diode Dynamics HD (switchback) or Morimoto XC (multicolor).

We offer these for any make and model and also do one-off sets upon request. Typically we recommend us installing them for you but we also offer them as a part order.

We currently have templates for the following:

  • Subaru WRX/STI: 02/03, 04/05, 06/07, 08-14 and 15+
  • Subaru Crosstrek XV/Impreza: 2014+
  • BMW 6 Series 03-10

Were coming out with more and more designs for different cars every day so keep an eye out for our latest offerings!


Morimoto RGB LED lit Acrylic's