What is your shipping policy?

Standard shipping is covered by the customer. We cover up to $30 of return shipping and will add the remaining  balance to the customer's final invoice. You are responsible for sending lights to us, sending loaner or core swap sets back as well as any added insurance you would like to have. If any product is damaged during shipment, a claim should be filed with the shipping provider, we are not liable for any damage in shipment.


We operate out of Rochester, NY so any orders placed in New York are subject to sales tax. We typically ship USPS 2-day or you can always stop by and pick up in person.


We do accept international orders and ship internationally. The customer would be responsible for customs and shipping charges.

How do I order wholesale?

Contact us for multiple custom headlight sets as we do offer discounts on bulk orders.

Do you use my lights or newly sourced headlights?

Typically the customer ships their own headlights to us, however if new headlights are needed for any reason we can purchase OEM or third party headlights on behalf of the customer. Due to the lesser quality of third party lights, they are excluded from craftsmanship or condensation warranties. 

We do not repair damaged headlights and will refuse service if we see damage that hinders the function and integrity of the headlight. We will work with you directly to find a creative way to replace the damaged parts and get the headlights looking and performing the way you want them to.

So how long does it take to complete?

Most builds are shipped back to customers 1-2 weeks after receiving them. Builds including LED plates or other custom work may vary in lead time, but will be confirmed prior to beginning work. We try our best to have quick turn around and use our schedule to find the best time based on your situation. 

How do the warranties work?

All headlight builds include a 90 day warranty on all components and workmanship. We will work with you to resolve any issues that can be resolved without the lights being sent in. If the lights do need to be sent in for warranty reasons, customers are responsible for shipping costs to us, while return shipping is covered by us. 

For warranty claims on components after 90 days of the lights leaving us, there may be a labor charge to replace the component while the component itself may be covered depending on the manufacturers warranty. Customers are responsible for shipping costs both ways.

For condensation, there are multiple ways that water can get into a light, the lens seal is only one of them. We offer a 1 year warranty on the sealant of the lens, pending there isn't a rear cap or damage to the headlight itself. For lights that have been opened or reseal by others besides Circuit demon, before or after, we do not offer a guarantee against condensation. 

If customers send products in for us to install, we are not responsible for their warranty. We also do not offer warranty third party headlights as the quality of the materials is often more susceptible to wear and tear. We are not responsible for issues that may occur that our out of our hands like oxidation/deterioration of the outer lens, lens burn to paint or plastic caused by sun exposure, or physical damage while the headlight is in your possession caused by you or someone else. If your vehicle is involved in a collision or accident, we are not responsible for covering any repair or expense.

If customers choose to have the lights installed by a business/someone else, we are not responsible for the installation costs. If there is a warranty issue that requires the lights to be removed/reinstalled, we are not responsible for the costs or refunding the costs. Warranties are non transferable from customer to customer.

Whats your return policy?

30 days on un-installed products. We do not offer returns or refunds on custom lights or the associated parts. 

Any other questions?

Feel free to head over to the contact section for any other questions!