LED Plates.jpg

You won't find anything else out there like these! Our acrylic plates are exclusive to Circuit Demon, guaranteeing your lights will stand out!

LED Accents.jpg

Whether you're going for an OEM + look or a "how did they do that" look, LED's are a great option to pick.


Looking for a subtle way to accent your car without going too wild? Look no further than our LED demon eyes! This effect is created by mounting colored LED just behind the projector lens of the light.


Projector lights don't just produce superior light output, they also provide a very unique look. Pairing the latest technology in lights with your choice of styling, each project is sure to impress for years to come.


The first stop for many is the right color and accents. This ensures your lights are truly unique!


Is your car your daily driver? Can you not afford any downtime? Check out our Core Swap Program to see what makes/models we have available!