ACME H1 Standard Bi-Xenon Projectors


Looking for a projector that meets your expectations without breaking the bank? The ACME H1 supplies excellent performance for an affordable price. 

Whether you're shopping on eBay, or Amazon, if you're looking for a Bi-Xenon retrofit on a budget: ACME's Standard version of the classic "Mini H1 Bi-Xenon" projector is a good buy.

BEAM PATTERN: Producing a classic DOT-stepped cutoff and a decently sharp cutoff, the ACME H1 provides great output for an approachable price.

HIGH / LOW: Their push/pull Bi-Xenon mechanism creates both a low and high beam pattern when actuated. ACME H1 Bi-Xenons use the most modern version of the Push/Pull solenoid system found on earlier Morimoto projectors.

  • PROJECTORS: 2x ACME Standard H1 Bi-xenons

  • HARDWARE: Basic mounting hardware / H1 bulb clips

  • WARRANTY: 6 Months