About Us

Not your average shop. Not for average drivers.

With the widest range of everyday and unique parts, and a network of the most world-renowned tuners and auto professionals in the industry, we reinvented Circuit Demon to provide cars and drivers every part and service they need with the experience they want. 

You shouldn't have to spend hours scouring the internet for the perfect high performance car part or worry about finding a shop that shares your passion, with the expertise and environment your car deserves. As car enthusiasts, we’ve experienced it ourselves and have set out to redefine the performance shop experience - from purchasing parts to service, tuning and the whole lifestyle that surrounds it. 

Get your Circuit Demon experience started today by browsing our extensive collection of unique and everyday parts, get on our list to stay updated on merch drops and which big names are traveling to the shop to work on customers’ cars, and follow us on social to get behind the scenes on the cars we’re working on. 

Our story 

Jeff had been operating Circuit Demon as the most prominent headlight retrofitting shop in the industry since 2015, and along the way learned to navigate and build relationships within the auto parts space  - an area he learned was way more complicated than it needed to be. As a car enthusiast himself, he saw an opportunity every time he had to travel with his own parts to get the tune he wanted, or when he rolled into a shop with his car he put his blood sweat (and sometimes tears) into, only to realize that some of the parts weren't the best suited for his goals.

Matt had been running a performance shop in the area, and knew he wanted to broaden his reach. Matt had a reputation for holding high standards, built up his shop with only the best equipment, and as a result was working on the most prominent cars in the area. After working on previous projects, he and Jeff realized they shared the same passion and vision. The two buddies of over 10 years decided it was time to bring it all together in November 2023, and are thrilled to relaunch Circuit Demon and put drivers at the center of their shop.