Jeff Foster - Owner/Founder

Jeff helps overlook the team, and run our day to day in depth headlight retrofit installs. While also keeping all of the team in line!

Cody Clinton - Shop Manager

Cody keeps an eye over the shop and is in charge of our techs, while also performing in depth retrofit tasks!

Jordan Eigen - Sales Manager/Photographer

Jordan runs our daily sales inquiries as well as creates all of our online content!

Jason Sidebotham - Technition

Jason plays a huge role in the headlight building process, while specializing in our very in depth wiring management!

Shane Rhoades - Technician/Lens Etching Specialist

Shane specializes in all of our custom lens etchings, while also assisting the team in headlight retrofits!

Devon Strauch - Sales Rep

Devon is in charge of our sales inquiries and provides his great customer service!