Circuit Demon Stage 2 2022 WRX Headlights


First to hit the market! With the Base/Premium lights not coming with C lights any more we knew we had to add some flare. You can see how to remove and install these lights by clicking here!

These 2022 WRX headlights come with: 

  • Optional Brand New OEM WRX Base/Premium Headlights, or you may send yours in! 
  • Circuit Demon 2022 WRX Halos 
  • Satin Black Side Markers
  • Chrome C-light Strip to Gloss Black
  • Profile Prism Multicolor Demon Eyes 
  • Honeycomb Lens Etching
  • Circuit Demon Bluetooth Remote

If you choose new headlights please allow 4-6 weeks for completion!

If you do plan on sending in your headlights we will contact you to schedule a time for you to send them in. Please note we will need them here for about 2 weeks. Customers are responsible for shipping costs to our shop, we cover shipping back if you are in the lower 48 states. 

We are not liable for any damage in shipping to or from our location.