ACME H1 Super Bi-Xenon Projectors


Looking for a projector that meets your expectations without breaking the bank? The ACME H1 supplies excellent performance for an affordable price. 

A step above standard, these "Super Mini H1" projectors are about equal to the 5th gen Morimoto Mini H1. The "Super Mini H1" is the industry standard for high quality, and the ACME H1 Supers continue the trend, with slightly stricter tolerances and additional QC. The components in these projectors are more precise than others, meaning less sticky solenoids, a sharper and more colorful cutoff line, less chance of a stripped lock ring, and overall...more light on the road!

BEAM PATTERN: Producing a classic DOT-stepped cutoff and a decently sharp cutoff, the ACME H1 provides great output for an approachable price.

HIGH / LOW: Their push/pull Bi-Xenon mechanism creates both a low and high beam pattern when actuated. ACME H1 Bi-Xenons use the most modern version of the Push/Pull solenoid system found on earlier Morimoto projectors.

  • PROJECTORS: 2x ACME Super H1 Bi-Xenons

  • HARDWARE: Basic mounting hardware / H1 bulb clips

  • WARRANTY: 6 Months