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D2S: Philips 85122 XV2 (4800K)

D2S: Philips 85122 XV2 (4800K)

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OEM Quality: Philips fights back! The Osram Cool Blue Intense series has taken over as the world's best-performing OEM+ "5000K" HID lamps, but their arch-rival Philips recently introduced the Xtreme Vision series, and a solid competitor they are! Intense: On top of the unbeatable longevity, precision, and performance that all base-model Philips bulbs offer, the XV-C1's add another few hundred lumens to the bottom line while upping the Kelvin rating to 4800K. Just like the Osram CBI, Philips managed more lumens out of a higher Kelvin bulb. Crisp: Just shy of 5000K and north of an OEM 4300K, these will offer you a perfectly white light output without being too stark - giving users the perfect contrast between style and excellent visibility while driving at night. If budget isn't a major concern, you will not be disappointed. Genuine: Here at our shop, we pride ourselves on being one of the last few distributors shipping genuine Philips & Osram lamps in the US. It is estimated that 80% of these bulbs sold through outlets such as eBay or Amazon are fakes. Don't be fooled by ads offering these bulbs for anything less than $150 as there is a high chance the bulbs are cheap Chinese knock offs. Priced Right: Doing some competitive research, the only other store offering these bulbs that are verifiably real Philips is offering them for $210. Can't beat our price! BULB SIZE: D2S Color Rating: 4800K (Pure White) BULB: 2x Philips 85122 XV2 Xtreme Vision D2S HID Bulb Warranty: 2 Years OSRAM PART #: 66040, 66240 PHILIPS PART #: 85122, 85122+, 85122C1, 85122WX BMW PART #: 63 21 7 160 806, 63217160806 AUDI PART #: N 104 457 01, N10445701 LEXUS PART #: 909812002 MERCEDES-BENZ PART #: 910139-000001, 910139000001

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