Circuit demon 02/03 WRX hex headlights

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AS OF 8/4 WE WILL NOT BE STARTING BUILDING ORDERS FOR FULL LIGHTS UNTIL 12/1/2019! This means if you place your order today, we will not start on it until 12/1. This is due to a key team member on maternity leave. If we are able to start your order sooner we will and will notify you as well. Thank you for your understanding!

Have a sweet bugeye that you’ve done some upgrades to? Ready to take the jump in light output and looks from the 16 year old stock lights? These are all you!

  • New 3rd party 02/03 impreza WRX headlights
  • Gloss Black housings, Gloss Black shroud   

  • H1 HID projector with honeycomb etching

  • Apollo 3.0 shroud with 86mm hex halo

  • Circuit demon acrylic turn signals cover with multicolor LED 

  • Profile prism multicolor demoneyes with bluetooth remote
  • ACME 35W HID kit (Bulbs/Ballasts/Wiring harness) 

This comes with everything you need to rock these bad boys. Let us know if you have any questions!