Circuit Demon 2022+ Toyota GR86 Headlights


Looking for a plug and play custom headlight kit for your new 2022+ GR86? Look no further! These have our Circuit Demon RGBW DRL boards installed, replacing the factory white LED array with any color you could think of. The low beam has the same multicolor options along with honeycomb etching. Both components can be controlled when the car is on or off, perfect for meets and shows. 

This set includes: 

  • Brand New OEM GR86 Headlights or you can schedule to send in yours 
  • Circuit Demon RGBW DRL Boards 
  • Diode Dynamics Demoneyes 
  • Honeycomb Lens Etching 
  • Circuit Demon Bluetooth Remote 
If you do choose to send in your headlights we will contact you to schedule a time for you to send them in. Please note we will need them here for about 2 weeks. If you choose new headlights please allow 6-8 weeks for completion. 
When sending in your lights, customers are responsible for shipping costs to our shop, we cover shipping back if you are in the lower 48 states. 

NOTE: If you select new headlights, you will need to transfer your current turn signal bulbs over! 

We are not liable for any damage in shipping to or from our location.