Circuit Demon Stage 2 Hex Halo 02/03 WRX Headlights


LED turn signal

Have a sweet Bugeye that you’ve done some upgrades to? Ready to take the jump in light output and looks from the 16 year old stock lights? These are all you!

  • New 3rd party 02/03 Impreza WRX headlights
  • Satin Black housings 
  • H1 HID projector with Honeycomb etching
  • Apollo 3.0 shroud
  • Circuit Demon 86mm V1 Hex Halos
  • Profile Prism multicolor Demoneyes with bluetooth remote
  • Circuit Demon 35W HID kit (Bulbs/Ballasts/Wiring harness)
  • Optional Circuit Demon error-free 1156 Amber LED turn signal bulb

This comes with everything you need to rock these bad boys. Let us know if you have any questions! Please allow 5-8 weeks for completion!

    Please note, we use the best quality 3rd party headlight housing available. While the products we use and labor we provide are covered under our warranty, the actual headlight unit itself (outer lens) is not covered at all. If you have any questions please contact us.