Circuit Demon 106mm V1 Hex halos


Circuit Demon 106mm V1 Hex halos - 106mm / None (I already have one) / None is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.


Circuit Demon exclusive, we’ve created the shape and partnered with the best in the business to make them available! We currently offer them in 70mm, 86mm and 106mm sizing! 

Included in this kit is:

-2 Circuit Demon Profile Prism Hex Halos

-2 Circuit Demon LED drivers with turn signal input

-Optional Morimoto XBT Bluetooth Controller and Morimoto Retrorubber


106mm:  Outer diameter=106mm, Inner diameter=90mm

The LEDs themselves are Profile Prism RGB+ Switchback. This means that you can customize the color of them on the fly as well as wire them into your turn signals to be used as an additional indicator! Their install guide can be found here:

The 70mm fits similar to an 70mm traditional halo, 86mm fits similar to an 80mm traditional halo, and the 106mm fits similar to a 100mm halo. Please note that these are a universal fit part, so we cannot confirm fitment, but please email us if you have any fitment questions!