Driven Media 2022+ Subaru WRX Rear Sidemarker Overlay



OEM 2022+ WRXs come with rear sidemarkers that sticks out like a sore thumb against the matte black of the fenders. These overlays allow you to mask that reflector, getting rid of the eye sore, and giving the side profile of your car a much more clean and sleek appearance while still allowing the light to shine through so the reflectors work as intended.

These overlays are designed and cut in-house using high-quality vinyl to ensure proper fit and finish.

Color Options

  • Dark Smoke - Completely blacks out the reflector while still allowing light to shine through so the reflector works as intended.

  • Dark Stealth - Similar to the Dark Smoke but has a matte finish to it to blend in more with the black plastic of the fender.

Installation Instructions 

  • Prior to applying the overlay, make sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and dry.

  • Carefully peel the overlay off of the backing and use the top edge of the sidemarker to line it up and then slowly follow the side edge of the sidemarker until you get to the bottom.

  • Once you have successfully positioned the overlay where you want it, use a vinyl squeegee or microfiber to remove any air bubbles.

  • We recommend allowing at least 48hrs before washing the car to allow for the adhesive to cure and avoid directly spraying them with a pressure washer.

  • The temperature needs to be a minimum of 65°F for proper application.