Morimoto 8.0 H1 HID Projector



Morimoto invented the Mini and has always set the benchmark high when it came to the H1...But no matter how many imitations popped up over the years, the competition just couldn't compare. In fact, no alternative ever even caught up to the 7.0. It’s not that the 8.0 represents an entirely new generation of Mini H1, but Morimoto definitely took a good thing and made it even better by baking in a few more years of refinement.

Whats included

  • PROJECTORS: 2x Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 Bi-Xenon

  • HARDWARE PACKS: 2x Lock Rings, Bulb clips, etc.

  • SOLENOID INPUTS: 2x 9006 Male Sockets

  • SHROUDS: Not Included

  • WARRANTY: 3 Years

If you choose a shroud that doesn't start with "mini" make sure you add SPACER RINGS!