NHK G5-BRT D2S HID Projector


Extreme performance is exactly what the new G5-EX is about! It's twice as bright in both low and high beam as it's cousin; the Morimoto D2S 4.0. It's the same exact size, so you don't have to worry about fitment. Uses all the same shrouds as we're all used too. Slight variations in the bowl design lead to one of the most intense and large hot spots we have ever seen. The G5-EX has a larger hot spot in low beam mode and a brighter high beam when compared to the EVOX-R 2.0; which was recently declared as the brightest unit. The beam pattern is more center weighted on the G5-EX when compared to the standard G5-R. High beam is so impressive that these would a great add-on to complete your next quad projector conversion. Whats included

  • 2x Projectors: G5-EX D2S Bi-Xenon
    2x Hardware Packs: Lock Rings, Bulb Caps, etc.
  • 2x Inputs: 9006 Male Pigtails
  • 2x Shrouds (optional)
  • Warranty: Three Years