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RGB Output Splitter (4 Pin M > 2X JST 4 pin F)

RGB Output Splitter (4 Pin M > 2X JST 4 pin F)

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MULTIPLY: Because one output just isn't enough! If you've got an RGB setup that requires more outputs from the same controller: these splitters are a life saver!

TWO STYLES: These come available for old school "RGB" connectors, and the industry-standard JST connectors. Make sure you select the right one for your gear!

PLUG N PLAY: With these convenient splitters, there should be no need to cut/splice any of the small wiring associated with your RGB products. They are designed to be plug n play with various RGB accessories, and virtually everything sold by LEDC.

POWER: Beware that by splitting the outputs of your RGB Controller, you will be dividing the amount of power it's capable of providing amongst more accessories. What that means? If you're running too much gear off the same controller: you may experience some flickering. Solution: You just need another controller and there's no way around it.

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