Used EVO X quad projector headlights

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Looking for a deal on an all-out set of Evo lights? These are all you!

These were built for a customer in 2019 and were abandoned after the customer had some personal things come up. These lights were sent in to us stock and we added the following;

  • Gloss black with gold flake paint
  • EVO X-R bixenon HID projectors
  • Dummy (non functional) high beam projector
  • Dual Profile prism multicolor halos
  • Dual Profile prism multicolor demoneye
  • Profile prism "Moon halo" slits
  • Circuit Demon D2H HID kit
  • Morimoto XBT remote

If you have any questions about the setup please reach out. Note; These lights are in used condition so the outer shell shows signs of installation and lens shows some rock chips but no major cracks or damage. These have not been installed since the modifications were installed.