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HD T-Tap: Single Wire

HD T-Tap: Single Wire

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Just Tap It In: For the longest time, wire taps have been reduced to the last thought and it shows--chintzy blue crimps and cheap blue female spade terminals. We're putting our foot down--no more! Helpful: These connectors are straight up badass. Insert the wire. Press closed. Get on with your project. We've not seen a better T-Tap design before these. They're that solid. Sold Individually: These little guys are sold individually, so be sure to stock up. Both the double and single options are for use on 24-18 gauge 12V wiring. No amplifier installs here, but rock solid for all your accent lighting needs. DE Grease: We strongly recommend opting for the dielectric grease to ensure moisture and liquids can't contact the metal in these taps. With grease, your install is golden. MATERIAL: Plastic WIRE TAP: 2x Single or Dual Warranty: N/A WIRING: 24-18 Gauge NOTE: Some 18ga wiring has extra-thick insulation and would require stripping off installation first

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