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35W / AMP: Xtreme HID Ballast

35W / AMP: Xtreme HID Ballast

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Renowned: Xtreme HID kit ballasts are the best aftermarket HID ballasts available. They feature a waterproof/shockproof case, and an extremely low start-up draw. Don't get left in the dark on super cold nights as these ballasts are designed to perform to OEM specs - many aftermarket ballasts have cold start issues. Versatile: Xtreme HID ballasts can be used in 9-32V ranges, meaning that they're perfect for 24V tractor trailer applications. Each ballast comes with a "9006" style input plug, and industry leading AMP connectors that connect to a rebased HID bulb. INPUT VOLTAGE: 12-24V DC RATED LIFESPAN: 2,000 hours BALLAST: 1x Xtreme HID 35w AMP Warranty: 1 Year HID BULBS: Any with AMP style inputs INPUT: 9006 Male ELECTRICAL: 9-18V Input CANBUS: Needs external harness

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