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K-Nasty: Currently booking!
JR Tuned: March 4-6th 2024

Circuit Demon Tuning

We are excited and honored to be able to offer the WNY, North East, and beyond with the world best tuners. Tuning is a fantastic way to optimize your vehicles performance, whether it's a stock daily driver or fully built race car. On top of offering tuning, we stock many performance and reliability parts, as well as have a full service shop. We're equipped to offer dealer level service as well as performance mods.

Choosing the right tuner for your goals

Offering multiple tuners puts the power in your hands as well as your vehicle. You have the ability to pick based on your preference, recommendation, and car goals. We implore you to check out each of our tuners or please feel free to contact us and we can help guide you to the best fit.


Prior to your tune, we are not responsible for checking spark plug condition, engine health or any other major components that may fail on the dyno.

If additional mechanical work is necessary in order to complete the tune after the car has been started, we will charge our normal hourly labor rate of $150/hr to diagnose and correct issues before the tune can resume. This may result in you missing or forfeiting your tuning slot until the vehicle is returned to a mechanically sound state.

Tuning on the dyno WILL push your vehicle to its mechanical limits. As the owner of the vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that the car is mechanically ready to handle the stresses that will occur as its limits are reached. Circuit Demon is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle incurred before, during or after your tune. Any damage to the engine, transmission, clutch, driveline components, etc. is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Circumstances above and beyond the control of the tuner and Circuit Demon can occur during or after the tune which can affect the engine or cause engine failure.

By placing the deposit you acknowledge that Circuit Demon has outlined the potential risks involved with dyno tuning and running your car on our Dyno. You waive any and all claims against Circuit Demon for any damage to your vehicle as a result thereof.

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