2022 WRX LED Interior Bulb Kit


Brand new car, brand new LED headlights but incandescent interior bulbs?! No longer!

This kit includes Diode dynamics LED bulbs; compact, simple LED replacements with proven performance. The single diffused optic spreads light in the original lamp, for OEM-style appearance and function. With its dual-lead contacts, it will fit snugly in the socket, and its light weight means it won't vibrate loose over time. 

  • Diffused lens design for even spread
  • Proven performance, highly reliable
  • Increased output with LED Appearance
  • Plug and play, simple installation

Kit includes:

  • 2x MAP LED bulbs
  • 2x Vanity  LED bulbs
  • 1x Dome  LED bulbs
  • 1x Trunk  LED bulbs
  • 2x License plate  LED bulbs