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Butyl: OCI (Black)

Butyl: OCI (Black)

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Back again: The OCI glue was the retrofitters industry-standard for years until Morimoto's RetroRubber came out. It's back again by popular demand from those who don't like the harder, more OEM-like consistency of the RetroRubber and prefer the softer OCI. Whatever you prefer, we got it! Usually: The original glue will suffice - but if you're having moisture problems, or want to definitely avoid them: here's the answer. OCI is an automotive supply company out of Florida well known for their quality solvents and adhesives. Enough: Each order is for one roll, which has more than enough to re-seal two large headlight assemblies if not more. How To: Each roll comes in one long strip that can be cut to length with nothing more than a pair of scissors. From there, stretch it out until you reach the perfect thickness to fit right between the channel in your headlight housing. Color: Apply the strip into the channel on your headlight housing, press on the front lens, heat (265F for 7 minutes) and press the two halves back together. After cooling, slice off the excess with a razor blade for a clean, OEM-perfect seal.

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