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NHK Micro D2S Bi-Xenon projector

NHK Micro D2S Bi-Xenon projector

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Optional D2S Bulbs

Compact: This is officially the highest performing unit we have seen of this size. Majority of the hobbyist retrofitters started with the H1 bixenon projector. If you are familiar with the H1, the dimensions of the Micro D2S Bixenon projectors are nearly identical. These use the exact same mounting points and overall foot print as an H1 projector. The main difference is the threaded shaft size is larger in diameter; which is 35mm vs the 20mm found on the H1. 

Easy Install:  The Micro D2S will fit using the thread shaft method on reflectors just like the H1, or mount up to H1 bolt pattern retrofit brackets (*not compatible with H1 brackets that use the 6 lens holder screws mounts). Have a tight fitting high beam that you want to do a quad projector conversion on? No problem! 

OEM D2S: The primary reason why we are seeing such high performance out of this unit is the use of OEM D2S bulbs. Want the best? Pair these up with Osram CBB, Osram XNL, or Philips Xtreme Vision Gen 2 bulbs and prepare to be blown away. Capsule alignment is never an issue like it is on H1 projectors. 

Light Distribution & Cutoff: Micro D2S provides a clean sharp cutoff line that does not bow down on the edges. This gives you excellent width; much better than most aftermarket D2S projectors on the market. Plenty of color at the cut off. If you study output photos of the H1 bixenon, the distribution of the beam pattern is extremely center weighted. You usually see the two "streaks" right down the center of the output. Output shots are rarely consistent because the aftermarket H1 bulbs are usually not 100% when it comes to bulb capsule alignment. With this D2S unit, the center intensity zone is better spread out, and as you go lower away from the center, the intensity reduces which is exactly what you are looking for. Say no to increased foreground lighting! 

Shroud Choices: Limitless! You can use anything from the Mini Gatling gun to the Panamera 2.0 shrouds. Pair them up with centric rings to use full size shrouds. 

Confidence: Order with confidence when purchasing through our website. The products offered have been thoroughly tested to make sure they meet our strict quality standards to ensure the best reliability and performance. We always provide honest feedback on products and helpful tips for any project due to our extensive experience with all makes and models. We offer competitive pricing, fast shipping, and the latest and greatest products from the top manufacturers. Contact us today with any questions; you won't regret it!

What's Included:
2x Projectors: Micro D2S Clear Lens Bi-Xenon LHD or RHD
2x Hardware Packs: Lock Rings, Bulb O-rings, etc.
2x 9006 Bixenon Solenoid Pigtails

Warranty: 3 Years
Compatible With: 35W, 50W

Max Depth: 139mm
Max Width: 88mm
Max Height: 73mm
Lens Diameter: 2.5"
Mounting Shaft: Diameter = 20mm
Housing Depth: Minimum = 115mm

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