Mishimoto Pulse Width Modulation Fan Controller - Black

$199.95 $266.60

Introducing the Mishimoto Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) Fan Controller: the ultimate solution for precise engine temperature control. This universal fan controller combines accurate speed control with convenience and versatility to suit any cooling system.----Our controller uses PWM technology to adjust fan speed from 0 to 100-percent based on the needs of your engine's cooling system. It constantly monitors and adjusts the fan's speed to maintain your desired temperature, providing reliable performance when you need it most and reducing wear on your fans when you don't. The soft start feature reduces startup amp draw and noise at low cooling loads to let you enjoy the sound of your engine instead of the whir of your fans.----Designed to handle high-capacity cooling systems, the Mishimoto PWM fan controller can control multiple electric fans with a capacity of up to 50 amps. It comes equipped with a built-in automatic resetting circuit breaker, ensuring safety and protection for your vehicle's electrical system. Additionally, our PWM fan controller includes an override circuit that can be wired to the A/C trigger or a manual switch. This override runs the fans at 30% speed to maintain A/C efficiency and ramps up fan speed until the set coolant temp is reached.----If you want to keep your engine running cool, reduce noise, and lessen the load on your electrical system, no matter the conditions, this Mishimoto PWM fan controller is for you. Like all our products, this fan controller is backed by the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty!