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Circuit Demon

2015-2021 WRX DIY Retrofit Headlight Upgrades

2015-2021 WRX DIY Retrofit Headlight Upgrades

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Always wanted to modify your headlights but nervous about making the wrong move and ruining them? We completely understand. With new WRX lights priced at nearly $800 😱 its nice to have a helping hand. Every option we have here is EXACTLY what we use so you can be confident you have the right stuff! This kit features your choice of the NHK Micro D2S projectors, or the Morimoto MLED 2.0 Bi-LED projectors, giving unrivaled lighting performance. 

This kit includes:

  •  Your choice of NHK Micro D2S or Morimoto MLED 2.0  projector
  •  1 Pair of brackets with hardware
  •  Circuit Demon D2H HID kit (if HID selected)
  •  Rear rubber cap to replace the factory
  •  NHK Headlight Sealant
  •  Optional lens etching 
  •  Optional Profile Prism Demoneye

BE AWARE: You will need to open/reseal your lights and fit/finesse these parts yourself. If you prefer us to install them for you please contact us to arrange a custom set! THESE WILL NOT FIT STI OR WRX LIMITED LIGHTS

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